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Dermatologists team up with a corporate sponsor to provide shade in Florida

When Florida Academy of Dermatology (FAD) members, led by Cyndi J. Yag-Howard, MD, FAAD, learned of an available matching grant from AAD and Neutrogena to build shade structures, they jumped at the chance to provide shade at a local aquatic center in Naples, Florida.

Dr. Yag-Howard's story

AAD shade structure dedication, Florida
On Feb. 9, 2023, children from the afterschool program joined the ribbon cutting ceremony and learned about sun safety.
The Florida Academy of Dermatology (FAD) selected the River Park Aquatic Center to receive a shade structure through the AAD’s Adopt-a-Shade Program. As a long-time resident of Naples and former president of the FAD, dermatologist and AAD member Dr. Cyndi Yag-Howard chose the location to be able to provide a sun-safe area for residents while using the aquatic center. The joint grant by the AAD and the FAD provided the funds for the project and were matched by AAD corporate partner Neutrogena.

“The AAD Adopt-a-Shade program gives us an opportunity to directly impact communities,” said AAD past president Dr. Mark Kaufmann. “This program aims to provide a public good by shading areas that might not have the resources otherwise.”

Shade structure story for Florida
The shade structure at the Aquatic Center.
The AAD’s Shade Structure Grant Program awards grants to public schools, parks, and non-profit organizations for installing permanent shade structures for outdoor locations that are not protected from the sun, such as playgrounds, pools, or recreation spaces.

A family enjoyed using the shade structure at River Park
A family enjoyed using the shade structure at River Park.
“Thanks to the AAD, FAD, and Neutrogena, our community members can now enjoy our aquatic center while also seeking shade and being protected from the sun,” said Park Manager Mercedes Puente. “We have been able to incorporate sun-safety education along with our shade structure, further helping our community from the risks of sun exposure. We are grateful for the generous grant through the AAD’s Adopt-a-Shade program that allowed us to build the structure; it is a beautiful asset to our Aquatic Center.”

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The AAD Shade Structure Program provides grants for permanent shade structures in outdoor areas such as playgrounds, pools, or recreation spaces. Learn more about how you can get involved.

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