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Sheltering in place in the shade

Robinson Primary School’s pre-K teacher, Susan Godfrey, M. Ed., brings shade to Texas.

Susan's story

Robinson Primary School, Shade Structure Grant recipient
Robinson Primary School, Shade Structure Grant recipient
Robinson Primary School
At Robinson Primary School, we were thrilled to learn we had won an AAD Shade Structure Grant. However, because of COVID-19, we had to get creative to meet our deadlines. I contacted several companies immediately before the restrictions were put in place, but I never heard back from them in the busy days that followed.

Thankfully, our district's director of maintenance was able to facilitate a virtual “tour” of the playground area with two companies we had used for other playground equipment. They provided their quotes and we chose a company. This was all done via email. After the shelter in place guidelines were modified, the company was able to make a site visit to our school.

Working through the pandemic presented challenges, but everyone was willing to work virtually to help us meet our deadlines. Thanks to everyone’s hard work, and with the help of the AAD Shade Structure Grant we received, we were able to get our structure up by the beginning of summer.

Due to the heat in our area, the shade structure was a “lifesaver” for our teachers and students, especially over the summer. A teacher went out of her way to thank me for working to secure the grant. She wanted me to know what a difference it had made for her and her students.

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