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Dermatology care is global and the need is vital. Our members are making an impact in Botswana, Cambodia, and around the world. Take that journey with us. Support or volunteer today.

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Skin Care for Developing Countries
Skin Care for Developing Countries

46 projects funded in 31 countries

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Resident International Grant Program

49,500 patients treated since 2008

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Your support of international grants makes an impact on the lives of the underserved around the world. Learn more about the impact these grant programs have on volunteers and those served by reading these stories.

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Julia M. Mhlaba, MD, FAAD, past participant in the Resident International Grant Program

“My experience in Botswana, though short-lived due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was one that I will remember throughout my career and reflect on often. Beginning my clinical work was initially intimidating, but I am grateful that I had the opportunity to learn so much about the presentations of different conditions in skin of color. I return to the U.S. appreciative for the patients that allowed me to care for them and trusted me with their health.”

─ Julia M. Mhlaba, MD, FAAD, past participant in the Resident International Grant Program

“Health Volunteers Overseas’ work is grounded in the relationships we have developed over the years. Dr. Roland Beverly exemplifies the breadth and depth of this work through his continued contributions to the advancement of dermatology care and education in Cambodia. As we face the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, HVO is honored to count Dr. Beverly among our ranks and highlight his efforts to provide training and improve global health care.”

─ Nancy Kelly, MHS, Executive Director of Health Volunteers Overseas

“My main project goal was to create a sustainable method for providing free sunscreen to patients with albinism in Botswana, a critical need. I will never forget the first patient that I was able to provide with sunscreen through the dermatology clinic at Princess Marina Hospital. His eyes lit up in disbelief for a moment, then he grinned ear to ear and started dancing with happiness. This was the first of many joyful encounters with patients who were beyond grateful for access to sunscreen, which could allow them the freedom to enjoy being outside without fear of sun damage and skin cancer. The Skin Care for Developing Countries Grant has not only improved the health but also the quality of life of persons with albinism in Botswana.”

─ Victoria L. Williams, MD, FAAD, past recipient of a Skin Care for Developing Countries Grant