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Send a Resident to the Annual Meeting

Half-day Annual Meeting pass

Provides a half-day Annual Meeting course for a resident.

1-day Annual Meeting pass

Allow a resident to spend a day at Annual Meeting.

All-access Annual Meeting pass

Give a resident full access to the AAD Meeting.

Help Prevent and Detect Skin Cancer

Provide dermatologic care for underserved populations

$250 for providing care to underserved communities

Provide dermatologic care in underserved countries.

$500 to train care providers

Train health care providers in underserved countries to provide dermatologic care.

$1,000 for creating community-based projects

Create sustainable, community-based projects that improve global health.

Send a kid to Camp Discovery

1 day at Camp Discovery

One day’s camp costs for a child.

3 days at Camp Discovery

Three days of camping fun for a child.

1 week at Camp Discovery

A week-long camp experience for a child.