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Using teledermatology for those with limited access

AAD member Paul S. Yamauchi, MD, PhD, FAAD, finds teledermatology to be a helpful tool.

Dr. Yamauchi's story

Paul S. Yamauchi, MD
Paul S. Yamauchi, MD, PhD, FAAD, finds teledermatology to be an effective tool.
I started to do teledermatology many years ago to provide more convenience and faster access for our patients. This is especially useful when they need refills on medications they are already taking. Many people with dermatologic conditions live in rural areas where access to dermatologists is very limited, either because of the far distance or the unavailability of dermatologists.

Whatever skin condition a patient has, if there is a delay in diagnosis or treatment, people will have to endure signs or symptoms such as itching, pain, enlargement of the growth or rash, bleeding, as well as the stress of not being able to be seen quickly. That is why the AAD Teledermatology Program is vital to ensure that people with limited access to dermatologists can be evaluated and treated online ā€” when it is feasible and possible ā€” and not have to wait or drive such far distances. This program allows me to volunteer my time with our private practice and help make sure more patients have access to more dermatologic care.

I had one young female patient who lived in a very secluded area who had moderate acne that was disrupting her life. However, she did have internet access. Through the AAD Teledermatology Program, I was able to treat her effectively with topical and oral agents and she was very grateful. Iā€™m glad I can use this helpful tool to provide patient care when possible.

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The AAD Teledermatology Program gives primary care physicians who do not have access to dermatologists the opportunity to consult with volunteer dermatologists and better serve patients in need. Learn more about this impact, and how you can get involved.

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