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Mentorship helped the match

Having a mentor helped Kala S. Hurst, DO, become a dermatology resident.

Dr. Hurst's story

Kala Hurst, DO
Kala Hurst, DO, University Hospitals/Case Western Reserve University’s Department of Dermatology, PGY-2.
I applied to the AAD Diversity Mentorship Program, but actually did not receive the award. Instead, I found my mentor, AAD member Kiran Motaparthi, MD, FAAD, through the AAD Mentorship Program directory. He agreed to still be my mentor without the award. We set up regular meetings so I could update him on my progress. I also gained insight on the dermatology residency application process. I was ecstatic to have Dr. Motaparthi as my mentor for over two years.

I had multiple publications and poster presentations with Dr. Motaparthi and his department. I must say that the relationship I fostered with him was integral to my success in matching in my dream program. I am happy that I matched into dermatology and started my residency.

I have also volunteered at the AAD booth at the Student National Medical Association Annual Medical Education Conference. I met so many medical students who were hungry for knowledge and advice on the path to dermatology. I am so happy AAD maintains a presence yearly at the conference, and I hope to continue to be a part of mentoring more medical students in their dermatology journey!

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