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Knowledge is power: Creating hands-on opportunities for learning

Medical student Jessica Kern encourages children and teens to learn about their skin.

Jessica’s story

Jessica Kern, Good Skin Knowledge
Jessica Kern (center, top) and fellow medical students practice making skin models to teach their students about the three layers of the skin.
Good Skin Knowledge enables children and adolescents to understand good skin health. Most of the GSK participants are at a time in their lives where they are really becoming aware of their skin for the first time — noticing, and often stressing over, the various spots and bumps that seem to pop up without reason. With this awareness can come a lot of confusion, anxiety, and self-consciousness. GSK can help lessen these fears and anxieties.

Through the GSK program, children can learn why their skin does what it does and what they can do about it. The knowledge we impart helps them feel more secure in their skin and empowered to take good care of it.

Support Good Skin Knowledge

The Good Skin Knowledge youth education campaign provides free resources to educators to teach children about acne, skin health, and sun protection. Learn more about how you can get involved.

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