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Giving back to make an impact

AAD member Franziska Ringpfeil, MD, FAAD, knows what a challenge skin disease can be for children.

Dr. Ringpfeil’s story

Franziska Ringpfeil, MD
Franziska Ringpfeil, MD, FAAD
I became aware of Camp Discovery years ago while in residency. During our annual AAD meeting, the outgoing president showed pictures of Camp Discovery, and I immediately thought it was something I should get involved in. I have several patients with epidermolysis bullosa and other genetic skin diseases, and this summer camp I was hearing about sounded like something that could be wonderful for them.

I have been lucky enough to attend Camp Discovery in-person twice, and it was an unbelievable experience. I’ve been giving to the American Academy of Dermatology for years, and I give because I’m grateful for all the things the AAD does — especially Camp Discovery.

I’m most interested in community outreach programs, and it makes me so proud to see how I can be a part of AAD programs like Camp Discovery, Good Skin Knowledge, and the Shade Structure Program. For example, I believe the Shade Structure Program is an excellent way of visually educating the public and driving home the importance of sun safety.

I witness first-hand the challenges of skin disease, both in daily practice and when I spent time at Camp Discovery. Because of this I find it tremendously important to support the AAD Children’s Programs. From those that give kids a break from some of the burdens of their skin conditions to those that teach kids how to protect their skin, to the ones that educate kids and encourage them to be accepting of those whose skin appears different, AAD Children’s Programs have a far-reaching and profound impact.

I hope everyone will join me in supporting these programs.

Support Camp Discovery

Camp Discovery provides children with chronic skin conditions the opportunity to make friends, find acceptance, and be themselves. Learn more about how you can get involved.

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