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AAD programs and services make a difference in the lives of thousands of individuals across the country and around the world. Our community outreach initiatives positively impact children and underserved communities, as well as raise awareness of skin cancer prevention and detection and the importance of seeing a dermatologist. Your generosity helps advance these programs, services, and humanitarian efforts.

AAD Cares: Community Outreach Programs

The American Academy of Dermatology is committed to improving the lives and health of people across the country.

Learn how the AAD is building shade structures to protect kids from the damaging effects of the sun, educating children and adults about the importance of skin care, providing access to dermatologic care, and saving lives through free screenings to detect skin cancer early when it’s most treatable.

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Photos and testimonials about the positive effect of AAD programs.
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View photos and testimonials about the positive effect of AAD programs.

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