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Teaching the beauty of individuality

Why medical student Diana Quach, MS enjoyed teaching Good Skin Knowledge.

Diana’s story

Diana Quach Girl Scout Troop, Good Skin Knowledge
Local Girl Scout troop learns to make skin models through Good Skin Knowledge.
Good Skin Knowledge (GSK) is a wonderfully simple teaching tool for young children to help them understand the reality of taking care of their skin and to realize the beauty in their individuality. With advertisements and social media, young girls are bombarded with images of "perfection," often unaware of the behind-the-scenes retouching and pressure to maintain that likeness.

What stood out to me about GSK was how easy it was to have conversations about that pressure. Despite being so young, the girls in my troop had such thoughtful responses to the effects of acne on confidence and were really inquisitive about what makes up skin color. I found giving them that information and tailoring it to their education level most impactful because it allowed them to arrive at their own conclusions and think about how bullying arises from misconceptions.

Besides that, I loved fielding their questions about skin anatomy and seeing their confidence shine through while building skin models. With something as simple as a sequin, I could show them how each freckle on their face was special and unique. Paint of different colors could represent the surface level differences in skin color. And a chunk of accidentally ripped-out Styrofoam could be a cautionary tale to the aftermath of a picked pimple.

Overall, GSK was an enjoyable experience, enabling me to empower the girls with knowledge on how to take care of their skin and be more accepting of the differences they saw in themselves and others.

Diana Quach, MS is a medical student at California University of Science and Medicine. She used the AAD's Good Skin Knowledge materials to teach local Girl Scouts about their skin.

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The Good Skin Knowledge youth education campaign provides free resources to educators to teach children about acne, skin health, and sun protection. Learn more about how you can get involved.

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