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Girls that glow

Good Skin Knowledge led medical student Chrislene Olukoga, BS, to fun and fulfillment.

Chrislene's story

Treasures of Winter Park Girl Scouts Troop during a Good Skin Knowledge project.
Medical student Chrislene Olukoga, BS, a fourth year medical student at the American University of Antigua, taught the girls to be proud of their skin.
I am honored that I was able to meet the talented girls of the Treasures of Winter Park Girl Scouts Troop during the Good Skin Knowledge project. I had the opportunity to teach these young girls information about their skin and health, but they taught me a lot too.

This was my first girls group and we kicked off our sessions with sun safety. I was very impressed by them. Throughout the entire hour all girls were engaged, curious, asking intelligent questions and full of joy. They kept up the momentum as we went along with our other three sessions as well: skin health, acne, and bugs and plants.

I believe the sun protection and acne sessions were very important for all my girls. Many of them didn’t realize the role sunscreen and UV avoidance had on their health, and some didn’t think they needed protection at all. Their favorite part of the session was the ‘UV detection bracelets from a secret laboratory’ that they crafted as a reminder to protect their skin from sun exposure.

We discussed acne causes, management, and hyperpigmentation. The teenagers benefited from our acne sessions and promised not to pop their pimples anymore. The younger girls let me know that they were now well equipped to take on acne if their time came. All girls indicated the session normalized acne for them, and would help them cope with the condition and social stigma should it occur.

These girls really are as bright as the sun. Each of them is special and they know their skin is special as well. None of us live in the same skin and we react differently to the environment around us — a lesson I hope they will not forget. I had so much fun and am so proud of them.

This was so fulfilling and I hope to continue participating in the AAD’s Good Skin Knowledge in the future.

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