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Participation in mentorship programs is important to becoming a dermatologist

Support of mentors keeps Brittani Remé, MS, motivated to become a dermatologist.

Brittani’s story

Brittani Remé
Brittani Remé, MS, Kansas City University, DO Candidate 2024.
I became interested in dermatology after shadowing a dermatologist for a couple of days before medical school. However, my interest peaked in my preclinical coursework, when I realized how much the specialty combines the parts of medicine that I love the most.

I attend an osteopathic medical school without a home dermatology residency program. Participation in mentorship programs provided me with opportunities for shadowing and research. They also are a way to learn more about dermatology and how to be successful during the ERAS application season. My mentors’ support throughout these past few years have kept me motivated to continue on this path.

The AAD’s Diversity Mentorship Program is a great way for minority students interested in dermatology to find a mentor that will support their dreams. As a participant in this program, I enjoyed spending a designated month with my mentor, Claudia Hernandez, MD, FAAD. This allowed me to foster a strong connection with her and learn more about the program she is affiliated with.

Dr. Hernandez made a point to expose me to the different subspecialties within dermatology. I find it so important to learn more about dermatology. As I approached my away rotations at the beginning of my fourth year, I decided to use this time to improve my dermatologic knowledge. I saw a wide array of skin conditions; some I had only previously read about and never seen in person. I also learned how to broaden my differential diagnosis, and more about new and improved treatment methods for common diseases.

In addition, participation in mentorship programs like the Skin of Color Society and NMA Dermatology have been extremely important in my journey to becoming a dermatologist thus far. I participated in the Medical Student Symposium (MSS) to gain more exposure to dermatology and learn more about what a well-rounded applicant looks like. Attending the MSS not only provided insight on how to succeed in my clinical rotations but also advice on how to make my residency application stronger. The information we received has been extremely valuable as I continue my journey.

I left the MSS feeling like my dreams are achievable and equipped with tools and support to ensure they come true. I am so thankful to the AAD and my mentor, Dr. Claudia Hernandez, for this experience!

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