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Dermatologists pioneer cutting-edge treatments

Dermatologists are at the forefront of innovative therapies that help patients like Matthew address health problems, transforming their lives.

Tony and Jamie Riccardi's story

Matthew Riccardi, SkinSerious patient story
Matthew Riccardi, patient
Our son, Matthew, was always a carefree, confident child until one summer we noticed a small patch of hair missing. His pediatrician diagnosed Matthew with alopecia areata, a disease that develops when the body attacks its own hair follicles, causing hair loss anywhere on the body. We were told to monitor any further changes.

Within a 10-day period, Matthew lost all the hair on his head. Shortly after, his eyebrows and eyelashes fell out.

The mental toll was immense. We spent hundreds of hours searching for information as Matthew became a shell of his previous self, traumatized by his hair loss and loss of control. As much as we wanted to fix his hair, we desperately needed Matthew to regain his confidence and love of life.

After topical treatments and immunosuppressants showed little promise, we reached out to Dr. Brett King, a board-certified dermatologist who pioneered the use of Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitors for skin conditions.

Dr. King taught us about JAK inhibitors, explaining that unlike the immunosuppressant treatment that Matthew was being treated with, JAK inhibitors interrupt the messages between cells that cause alopecia areata to happen. He counseled us on the risks and benefits. Given the devastating effect on Matthew’s life, we felt the benefits far outweighed the concerns, and Matthew started treatment immediately.

Five months after the appointment, Matthew has a full head of hair and is back to being our happy-go-lucky son. We now understand that dermatologists like Dr. King do much more than treat the skin. They transform patients’ lives.

The dermatologist's perspective

Brett King, MD, PhD, FAAD, Associate Professor of Dermatology, Yale School of Medicine

“JAK inhibitors hold so much promise for many dermatologic diseases like alopecia, vitiligo, atopic dermatitis, and even psoriasis. There’s tremendous desire and need for treatment innovations because these conditions can have devastating effects on patients, like Matthew and his family had to endure. Board-certified dermatologists are at the forefront of pioneering new treatments, educating patients about the benefits and risks, and helping them make the best decisions to improve their disease and life.”

─ Brett King, MD, PhD, FAAD, Associate Professor of Dermatology, Yale School of Medicine

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