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Dermatologic care is critical as patients age

A timely surgery in a dermatologist’s office removes a patient’s skin cancer.

Karen's story

Skin cancer is frightening, especially when it appears in the middle of your face.

As a survivor of other skin cancers, I’m glad my dermatologist Dr. Terrence Cronin, Jr. quickly examined a raised, discolored area on my nose. Dr. Cronin diagnosed me with squamous cell carcinoma, a common type of skin cancer that can damage nerves and blood vessels and lead to death if untreated. Despite my worries, I had complete faith in Dr. Cronin.

Two weeks after he made the diagnosis, Dr. Cronin successfully performed Mohs surgery in his dermatology office, removing the cancer while minimizing scarring. The cancer has not returned and my nose has completely recovered. Having an in-office surgery meant I was able to avoid the often-excessive wait times and costs of a hospital operating room procedure.

My experiences with skin cancer taught me that dermatology care is essential.

The dermatologist's perspective

Terrence A. Cronin, Jr., MD, FAAD

“Skin disease including skin cancer is very common, especially in older adults. Timing is key to treating all types of skin cancer. In-office surgeries enable dermatologists to affordably treat patients like Karen with necessary, quality care in a timely manner.”

─ Terrence A. Cronin, Jr., MD, FAAD, Asst. Voluntary Professor, University of Miami Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery, Cronin Skin Cancer Center, Melbourne, Florida

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