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Removing barriers to necessary treatment

A dermatologist overcomes prior authorization setbacks to ensure a patient with severe eczema has the medication she needs.

Angela's story

SkinSerious - Angela Weeks
Angela Weeks, patient
From a young age, my skin has limited my ability to live a normal life.

I was diagnosed with eczema when I was three years old, and by the time I got to college, nearly every part of my body had been affected by this disease. Simple tasks like showering, getting dressed, and even sleeping were extremely painful as my whole body was covered in open wounds.

I tried various topical creams for years, but my dermatologist, Dr. Scott Lim, was the first person to find a treatment that worked. Dr. Lim wanted to put me on an injectable medication right away, but my insurance company’s prior authorization policy required me to try several less expensive treatments first, prolonging my suffering.

Some of the required treatments even worsened my eczema flares and quality of life. But Dr. Lim was persistent and supportive, constantly calling my insurance provider to get me the most effective treatment as soon as possible.

After nearly a year, I was finally approved for the injectable treatment Dr. Lim originally recommended—and it’s worked wonders. Eczema previously affected 80% of my body, and now it’s at less than 1%. Thanks to Dr. Lim, I’m no longer in pain, and I’m happy in my own skin.

The dermatologist's perspective

Scott Lim, DO, FAOCD, FAAD

“The relationship between physicians and patients is a sacred one. As a dermatologist, I’m working diligently to provide treatment recommendations based on my patient’s individual medical history. An insurance company’s policy should not overrule that type of dedication to improving a patient’s quality of life and overall health. I’m beyond happy that Angela could finally find relief from her eczema.”

─ Scott Lim, DO, FAOCD, FAAD

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