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Quality measures

The AAD is working proactively to expand the number and type of dermatology-specific measures available to dermatologists. Dermatology measures are needed to meet the reporting requirements of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS). Measures are also needed for our own quality improvement efforts, particularly for the AAD’s dermatology clinical database registry DataDermTM.

Measure development process

measures developmentAAD measure development is led by the physicians on the Performance Measurement Task Force (PMTF). The PMTF employs an evidence-based methodology to support measures with clinical practice guidelines, appropriate use criteria, and other evidence, such as data showing gaps in clinical care or the overuse of medical procedures or therapies. To determine priorities, the PMTF periodically conducts a needs assessment and then develops measures with staff support. Measures then undergo peer review by AAD committees, councils, and finally, the Board of Directors. 

After approval, the measures are pilot tested with dermatology practices to determine validity, reliability, and feasibility. Measures are refined based on the results of testing and published. For more detail see the Academy's Administrative Regulation on Quality Measures.

AAD measures

Currently there are 22 Board-approved dermatology measures, six in PQRS. We anticipate completing four new measure sets over the next three years. These dermatology-specific measures span the National Quality Strategy (NQS) priorities. Each measure addresses an important step in patient care or highlights a specific NQS priority. 

Biopsy (7 measures, 1 in PQRS)
The AAD has seven Board-approved biopsy measures. PQRS #265 focuses on the care coordination process for biopsies, and is used by several other specialties. Six biopsy measures were submitted for consideration for PQRS 2017. AAD is currently testing three biopsy measures.

Melanoma (3 measures in PQRS) 
The AAD is the steward of three melanoma measures currently in PQRS (#137, #138, #224).

Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) and Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) (8 measures) 
The AAD has eight Board-approved BCC/SCC measures. Three were submitted for consideration for PQRS 2017 and three will be submitted for PQRS 2018. The AAD is currently testing two BCC/SCC Mohs measures. 

Psoriasis (4 measures, 2 in PQRS) 
The AAD has four Board-approved psoriasis measures, including two in PQRS (#337 and #410). The AAD is currently testing all four psoriasis measures.    

Dermatology quality measures for PQRS

The Academy provides support with measure reporting to PQRS through the Academy’s DataDerm clinical registry. Through DataDerm, users can choose from 19 dermatology-specific or dermatology-applicable measures to report for 2016 PQRS.