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Enroll in AAD's DataDerm™





Dermatologists and non-physician clinicians who are AAD members in the United States can follow these steps to get started with DataDerm.

Step 1

EHR users: Verify whether your EHR will integrate with DataDerm.
Manual users: Proceed to step 2.

Step 2 – Complete the DataDerm sign-up portal 

Use your AAD member ID and password to login to the portal.

Take me to the sign-up portal

You'll need the following information to complete sign-up: 

  • Name, email, phone, and address
  • AAD member ID
  • Practice name and national provider identifier (NPI)
  • Practice’s tax ID number (TIN) and valid dates
  • Location ID
  • Data submission method

Additional resources

Download the AAD's Sign-Up Portal Training Guide for step-by-step instructions to complete the sign-up process. Additionally, review a checklist of practice information you'll need before you begin.

EHR users: Register for an introductory webinar
Manual users: Register for office hours

Step 3 – Complete the user agreement 

At the end of the sign-up portal process, you will review and sign the DataDerm agreement. You will have the option to agree and submit the form electronically, or download the agreement and send or fax it in.

EHR users: Get ready for a one-on-one experience!

After you complete the DataDerm sign-up portal, a DataDerm point person will work with you one-on-one over the course of several weeks to ensure a smooth technical process with your EHR integration. They will:

  • Integrate your EHR or paper-based practice with DataDerm. 
  • Map the DataDerm dashboards to your EHR system.
  • Establish practice-specific dashboards and reports.
  • Test and troubleshoot the data integration.
  • Be on hand to answer questions as they arise.