MACRA readiness and assessment tools


Since MIPS will be the most traveled pathway for dermatologists, the Academy developed a series of MIPS tools and resources to help answer questions and guide you through the Quality Payment Program (QPP), whether you simply want to avoid the penalty or attempt to earn a bonus payment.

  •  Looking to simply avoid the penalty? Here's how!
  • Not sure where to begin? Try the tools in the order listed below. If you would like an overview of MACRA and its requirements, visit the MACRA Resource Center.


1. MACRA readiness checklist

Download this checklist to help you begin to prepare your practice for CMS' Quality Payment Program. Download checklist

2. MIPS financial assessment tool

Enter your 2016 Medicare Part B reimbursements and receive an estimate of your potential maximum penalty and incentive for the 2018 reporting year. 
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3. MIPS reporting: Decision support tool

This tool will help you determine how to participate in MIPS for 2018. Answer questions about how much reporting you are willing or able to do, and the tool will present you with your options, including specifics about what and how much you need to report.
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4. Quality measures selection tool

This tool will help your practice find eligible measures based on how you report, whether via paper, EHR, or DataDerm. You will also to be able to access detailed measures information such as reporting tips, the measure specification, and more.
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5. MACRA community

Join an online discussion forum that allows members to ask staff experts questions about MACRA.
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Need help? Call the Academy's practice support line at 866-503-SKIN, option 1.