Community presentation tips and handouts

Your screening program can play an important role in increasing public awareness about skin cancer prevention and detection. Conducting community presentations and providing resources such as quizzes, fact sheets, and other handouts before and during your screening program can help drive home the screening's message of early detection and prevention.

Civic and community organizations are always looking for interesting speakers to address their members. Many of them would be interested in information about skin cancer detection and prevention.

Some outlets you might consider include:

  • Chambers of commerce
  • Service organizations such as Rotary, Lions, Elks and Kiwanis
  • PTAs and other school-affiliated groups
  • Women’s and senior citizens' organizations
  • Hospitals and health fairs
  • Area businesses and industries
  • Local fire and police departments
  • High-school and college classes
  • Elementary schools, grades K-3 

Scheduling a presentation

Here are some guidelines for securing a speaking engagement:

  • Write a letter suggesting a presentation to the president or program chairman of the organization. 
  • Follow up in about a week with a telephone call to determine interest in scheduling a presentation.
  • If the organization is interested, learn as much as possible about the audience, including its size, the approximate age of participants, their interests, etc.  Be sure to ask how long your presentation should be.

Confirm the details of your presentation, including date and time, with a letter.

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