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As a dermatology resident or fellow, you have complimentary membership to the American Academy of Dermatology. This membership includes access to top-tier publications, boards study tools, a wide variety of practice tools and resources, and more.

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Download the new 'Disorders of dyschromia (hypo- and hyperpigmentation)' and 'Drug Interactions in Dermatology, Part 2' along with 80+ study charts on the Boards Fodder page.

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DW Millennial Story

Millennial dermatologists

Dermatology World talks with physicians to find out what millennial dermatologists are looking for, including: tech-savvy offices, progressive work-life balance options, and practice models that support their financial burdens. Read now!


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Latest Publications

December 2018
Dermatology World

Dressed for success
How important are appearances? Maybe more than you think.

Refocusing on rosacea
Experts reexamine the disease's classification

December 2018

Neutrophilic dermatoses

Bullae for you: The increasing importance and implications of drug-induced bullous pemphigoid

Allergic contact dermatitis to personal care products and topical medications in adults with atopic dermatitis
Fall 2018

Keeping hope aloft: Skin cancer remains high priority for AAD

Hayley Goldbach, MD, reflects on a patient experience in Chinle, AZ

Resident Challenge: Mayo Clinic bakes and shakes things up

Disability insurance 101

Boards Fodder: Infectious diseases of genitalia

Career case study: Dermatologic surgery

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