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As a dermatology resident or fellow, you have complimentary membership to the American Academy of Dermatology. This membership includes access to top-tier publications, boards study tools, a wide variety of practice tools and resources, and more.

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Download the new 'Disorders of dyschromia (hypo- and hyperpigmentation)' and 'Drug Interactions in Dermatology, Part 2' along with 80+ study charts on the Boards Fodder page.

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DW Millennial Story

Millennial dermatologists

Dermatology World talks with physicians to find out what millennial dermatologists are looking for, including: tech-savvy offices, progressive work-life balance options, and practice models that support their financial burdens. Read now!


DIR Spring 2018 Cover
  • Pregnant pause: Expecting during residency
  • Boards Fodder:  Disorders of dyschromia 
  • Career case study: Dermatopathology
  • Child care during residency
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August 2018

Fat reduction: Pathophysiology and treatment strategies

Fat reduction: Complications and management

Patients prioritize local recurrence risk over other attributes for surgical treatment of facial melanomas—Results of a stated preference survey and choice-based conjoint analysis
2018 Summer Meeting
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  • Hot Topics promises 'every new breakthrough'

  • How do you navigate your way to a bonus in MIPS?

  • Practice your skills at 'The Patient Encounter'

Summer 2018

Celebrating 25 years of Camp Discovery!

AAD Industry Summit: Problem solving and debate

A camper’s story: Hannah Goettle

Pregnant pause: Expecting during residency

Boards Fodder: Disorders of dyschromia

Career case study: Dermatopathology