Directions in Residency archive

Directions in Residency archive

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 2019 Spring
  • Feature: Passing the hurdles of journal publication
  • Boards Fodder: Surgical instruments
  • Clinical pearls: Contact dermatitis
  • Resident Life Hack: Like minds
  • Feature: Navigating your first employment contract
  • Boards Fodder: Skin grafts
  • Clinical pearls: Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma
  • Resident Life Hack: UMass Skin Cancer Screenings
 Fall  Winter
  • ​The power of service
  • Boards Fodder: Vaccines in dermatology
  • Career Case Study: Academic dermatology
  • Time Saving Tip: The art of pairing
  • Act now! Service opportunities for residents
  • ​Pregnant pause: The expected (and unexpected) aspects of
    expecting during residency
  • Boards Fodder: Disorders of dyschromia (hypo- and hyperpigmentation)
  • Career Case Study: Dermatopathology
  • Child care during residency: what you should know
  • Disability insurance 101
  • Boards Fodder: Infectious diseases of genitalia
  • Career case study: Dermatologic surgery
  • Group vs. individual insurance policies
  • Time saving tip: Driving and didactics

  • Gaining clinical confidence
  • Boards Fodder: Biopsy techniques
  • Career case study: Pursuing a career in a hospital environment
  • Resident Life Hack: A healthy support system




  • ​Avoid these mistakes for a blemish-free resume
  • The life of a Mohs specialist
  • Boards Fodder: Photosensitivity Disorders
  • Where are you in the resident life cycle?
  • Boards Fodder: Danger Zones and Relevant Anatomy
  • The growth of the cosmetic career path
  • All things considered — a primer on contracts for residents
  • Boards Fodder: Monitoring Systemic Dermatology Medications
  • The pediatric dermatology career path


  • Self-made financial health
  • Boards Fodder: Update in Melanoma Therapies
  • Career Case Study: Medical Dermatology
  • Prioritizing debt: What to pay off first
  • Pedicures and publications: Keeping up on evidence-based medicine


2016 Spring
  • Reaction patterns: Boards study tips
  • New Boards Fodder: Granulomas
  • Join Camp Discovery Residents Challenge
  • Learning how to learn
  • New Boards Fodder: Flaps
  • Registration open: 2016 Legislative Conference

  • Keeping financially afloat during residency
  • New Boards Fodder: Neonatal Ichthyosis & Infectious Diseases
  • Seeing double: Adapting resident pathology for the big (and small) screen
  • Boards Fodder: Most Common Cutaneous Metastasis
  • Changes in reimbursement are coming, are you prepared?
 2015 Spring
  • Tswana's ways: A resident's remembrance
  • Boards’ Fodder: Disorders of Hypopigmentation 
  • Race for the Case


  • Boards’ Fodder
  • Suture and Suture Materials

  • Boards’ Fodder gets a major tune up 
  • Plant managers 
  • Boards’ Fodder: Plants 
  • Winter 
  • Resident journal
  • Boards’ Fodder: vascular formations
  • Race for the Case
  • 2014 Spring
    • Adventures in molecular dermatology
    • Boards' Fodder: Panniculitis
    • AM14 resident events
    • Psoriasis: What every resident needs to know
    • Boards' Fodder: Vasculitides
    • Through the looking glass: Making physician-industry relationships meaningful
    • IOM seeks reform of GME
    • 'Tis (always) the season to be networking
    • New board prep course for residents at Annual Meeting
    • Two views from the Hill
    2013 Spring
    • What I wish I'd known in residency
    • Q&A with Dr. Suzanne Olbricht
    • Stressbusters: The Physical Blockers
    • Researching the researcher: How resident ideas turn into award-winning studies
    • Stressbusters: It's the simple things
    • A tale of two clinics
    • Stressbusters: I just ate the whole cake and I'm going to watch my kids run instead
    • 'Walk in beauty': A Navajo dermatology experience
    • Reflections: Colleagues for medical school, partners for life
    2012 Spring
    • Promises, shomises! Can I see it in writing?
    • Skin Deep cartoon
    • How would you diagnose your financial picture?
    • Truth telling and doctor-patient relationship
    • Boards' Fodder celebrates 10 years!
    • BF: Oral disease, pt. 2
    • BF: Inborn errors of metabolism
    • BF: Eponyms in dermatology
    • Flight risk: All about airplane notes
    • Two views of the Hill
    2011 Spring
    • The derm/pharma industry interface, pt. 2
    • Skin Deep cartoon
    • Southeast Asian odyssey
    • Ethical considerations in research, pt. 1
    • Movin' on up: Easing post-residency fears
    • Ethical considerations in research, pt. 2
    • 13 time management tips for harried residents
    • Reporting misconduct in a colleague
    • Skin Deep cartoon
    2010 Spring 
    • Lessons from Botswana
    • How I spent my summer vacation
    • Skin Deep cartoon
    • Reflections: Teachings of a lifetime
    • Skin Deep cartoon
    • Principlism: Ethical considerations for residents
    • Residents represented in Chicago meeting
    • Skin Deep cartoon
    • Dermatology's changing face...and body
    • The derm/pharma industry intercace, pt. 1
    • Skin Deep cartoon
    2009 Spring
    • Now is the time for networking
    • Reflections by Dr. Lawrence Eichenfield
    • Coming to America
    • Reflections by Dr. Albert Yan
    • Resident International Grant in Botswana
    • What's on your CV?
    • Me, myself, and my CV
    • Skin Deep cartoon
    • Best board tips...ever!
    • Residents at the table: Report from the AMA
    • Skin Deep cartoon
    2008 Spring
    • Economic hardship loan deferment takes center stage
    • Reflections by Dr. Clay Cockerell
    • Maintaining the pipeline: Resident's perspective on Skin Disease Research Day
    • Residents can achieve change by supporting SkinPAC
    • The truth about debt!
    • NIH loan repayment programs help increase pipeline of scientists
    • Comparing college loans
    • Mentorship: A meaningful path to success
    • Reflections: The old ball game
    • Side by side: Mentor and mentee
    2007 Spring
    • Demystifying the boads
    • Preparing for D-MOC: The AAD is here to help
    • Do you carry the gene for academia?
    • Workforce issues a concern for the world of medicine
    • New resolutions, reports highlight recent AMA-RS meeting
    • Reflections: Bursting onto the scene
    • Boards' Fodder Bonus: Find-a-word
    • An insider look at lobbying
    • World Congress in Buenos Aires showcases Academy
    2006  Spring
    • Dr. Stone seeks to improve iPLEDGE Program
    • Volunteer for Camp Discovery
    • What do residents want?
    • Resident starts high-risk cancer clinic for transplant patients
    • Fellowship down under
    • Procedural dermatology fellowship offers innovative approach to teaching
    • Moonlighters may face high tax bill on April 15
    • AMA-RFS meeting addresses key issues
    2005 Spring
    • Spotlight on fellowship: Dermatopathology
    • AMA-RFS Interim Meeting focuses on licensure and residencies
    • Physician employment contracts: What you need to know
    • Financial advisors' credentials: Making sense out of alphabet soup
    • New grant for residents completing training
    • Younger dermatologists can lead the way to EMR adoption
    • 2005 Annual AMA-RFS Meeting addresses a wide range of concerns
    2004 Spring
    • Website unites humanities and dermatology
    • AMA-RFS Interim Meeting focuses on match lawsuit and FICA tax
    • Ordinary + necessary = deductible
    • It's time to give your term insurance a check-up
    • Advice on starting a practice after residency
    • Spotlight on fellowship: Mohs surgery
    • Estate planning documents: What every physician must have
    2003 Spring
    • Disability insurance: What you need to know before you buy
    • OSHA says 'no' to 80-hour workweek petition
    • News from the AMA-RF Section
    • Student launches evidence-based dermatology website
    • Putting medicine back into dermatology
    • 3M launches nationwide skin cancer screening initiative with dermatology residency programs
    2002 Spring
    • Playing the match game: Advice for dermatology applicants
    • The morale of dermatology residents
    • Dermato-epidemiology curriculum instituted at CWRU
    • AMA supports ACGME report calling for shorter resident work hours
    • Are you being honest?
    • Contact dermatitis subspecialty offers opportunities for academic-clinician educators
    2001 Spring
    • Colloquium will explore professional pathways
    • Fleet of fellowships await residents
    • AAD-RFC pursues board exam date change
    • Medical student funded for melanoma
    • AAD offers more than a wee bit 'o trainin'
    • Advocate-Lutheran General reaches settlement with residents

    2000 Spring
    • Reflections on the past year
    • Practical Advice for career planning
    • Legislative update

    • Resident's Colloquium: Focus on careers
    • Insights for volunteering
    • Residents would gain from training in business, cosmetic procedures
    • AAD-RFC survey results
    • Questions to ask a new partner prospect
    • Practical Advice for career planning