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AAD mobile apps

The Academy offers a wide range of mobile applications designed to help both dermatologists and patients. 

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MyDermPath+ app

MyDermPath+ app is a comprehensive resource for dermatologists and dermatopathologists. The app features interactive algorithms for generating differential diagnosis using a clinicopathological approach.
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Dermatology World app

Easily access the latest issues of Dermatology World, DW Weekly, and the DW blog on iOS and Android. The app includes a robust search function so that you can quickly find relevant content.
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JAAD app

It just got a whole lot easier to keep up with the most important advances in the practice of dermatology. JAAD is now available for iOS and Android, bringing you the convenience of reading your favorite journals from anywhere in the world with just a tap of a button.
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Chronic urticaria physician app

The mobile-friendly Web app is designed to be used at the point of care and to assist dermatologists, allergists/immunologists, and primary care providers with diagnosing and treating chronic urticaria.
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Chronic hives patient app

Patients who are struggling with chronic hives can turn to a free tool for help. The Academy's chronic hives patient app offers tools and resources for chronic hives management, such as information about hives, medication reminders, a diary for symptoms, help finding a dermatologist, and much more.
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AAD Meeting app

Navigate the AAD Annual and Summer meetings from your mobile device! Gain access to session schedules, general information, attendee listings, exhibitor listings, speaking listings, session evaluations, and more.
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Dialogues in Dermatology app

The app allows you to listen to the experts discuss how to diagnose and manage dermatologic conditions, strategies to manage the dermatology practice, and other tips on patient care in these quick and convenient podcasts.
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Mohs AUC app

With the AAD’s Mohs surgery appropriate use criteria (AUC) app, you can easily and systematically determine when Mohs surgery is most appropriate for your patients from your mobile device, right at the point of care.
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Psoriasis app

A mobile-friendly Web app based on the AAD's clinical guidelines of care for psoriasis allows users to access best practices in the complex management of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis from their mobile devices.