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When we say we are listening, we mean it

When we say we are listening, we mean it.

“Member-centric” means that you are the center of AAD’s attention. By listening to your needs, we can provide educational materials on the topics that you’ve told us you need to improve the care you are giving your patients. The AAD Education team asked you which topics you need to improve the care that you are providing. Our goal is to address these needs within our existing educational activities as well as develop new activities encompassing priority topics and more. Here is what we have done with your feedback...

Join your colleagues and get materials with targeted topics such as these:

Member Top Topic Needs 2022
Practice Management
42+ Activities
49+ Activities
Alopecia25+ Activities

Dialogues in Dermatology: Alopecia Areata

“I enjoyed listening to the speaker and am encouraged by her motivation to help patients with AA and her success stories!”

JAAD CME Articles

“A superb, comprehensive review in one article of the current and emerging therapies for advanced melanoma. Bravo to the authors for this excellent and timely review. I read it twice and plan to refer to it regularly.”

Dialogues in Dermatology: New Topical Therapies for Atopic Dermatitis

“I increased my knowledge of new topical therapies in atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.”