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Our public-facing AAD.org content performs strongly

Our public-facing AAD.org content performs strongly

One of the many benefits of the Your Dermatologist Knows consumer positioning strategy is driving traffic to the public-facing pages of the AAD.org website. During the first five months of 2023, over 20 million visitors viewed webpages over 28 million times. In the same timeframe, the Academy updated 31 public pages and posted seven brand-new public articles.

This high traffic is due in part to the prevalence of the Academy in Google search results. As of June 2, content on the public website appears as one of the top three results of Google searches for over 23,000 unique terms. Of those terms, over 10,000 have either the top result or appear as the snippet — the information about a search term that Google shows right on the results page. This means that AAD public content is outperforming competitors such as WebMD, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and others, ensuring that the information the public gets is in accordance with the most current and up-to-date dermatologic standards.

Some of the terms for which the Academy is a top search result include:

  • Adult acne

  • Hives

  • How to check for bed bugs

  • JAK inhibitors

  • Microneedling acne scars

  • Nail psoriasis

  • Sarcoidosis skin

  • Skin tags

  • Stretch marks

  • Vitiligo treatment

  • What is a dermatologist

The Academy maximizes search result success by carefully selecting what new public content to add to the website and what public pages to update, optimizing the pages for search, and ensuring thorough medical review of all new and updated pages by AAD members.