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Academy develops new resources on human trafficking

Academy develops new resources on human trafficking

As dermatologists, you are in a unique position to be on the front lines to recognize and diagnose relevant signs on the skin that may suggest trafficking and to assist those patients with certain aspects of care and recovery, including the treatment of diseases, scars, and tattoos.

The AAD Ad Hoc Task Force on Dermatologic Resources for the Intervention and Prevention of Human Trafficking has developed a resource center containing medical and educational tools to help dermatologists provide timely support and advocacy for those who are trafficked.

Shadi Kourosh, MD, FAAD, introduced the latest resources in a new video at aad.org. The resources include:

  • Current state of trafficking

  • Most common skins signs of human trafficking

  • How to navigate the encounter when you suspect trafficking

  • Documenting encounters that may involve trafficking

  • Downloadable resources for dermatologists and patients

  • Myths and facts about trafficking