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Now everyone knows. Your Dermatologist Knows sees rapid success

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Since launch, Your Dermatologist Knows content has been seen over 100 million times. The Academy’s new, groundbreaking consumer positioning strategy, Your Dermatologist Knows, launched to the public in mid-October 2022, and its first few months have been a resounding success with views in the millions.

From launch to the end of December, Academy-created Your Dermatologist Knows content has been viewed 108 million times, experienced 5.8 million interactions, and generated 123,000 clicks. More than 75% of the content features a board-certified dermatologist sharing unique insights that potential patients can only get from an FAAD. In addition, we hosted three Instagram Live events that featured one of our social media correspondents interviewing fellow AAD members about the scope of their knowledge and expertise.

The Academy has also launched a Your Dermatologist Knows member hub, which contains information on the strategy, frequently asked questions, a chance to meet the social media correspondents who are representing you to the public, and a showcase of social media content and media relations wins. It’s really something to see, and you can see all that and more at www.aad.org/your-dermatologist-knows.