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Our videos for the public garner millions of views

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As part of the Your Dermatologist Knows launch, the Videos of the Month were rebranded to align with the new strategy and are now known as Your Dermatologist Knows Videos. This change was in name only; the quality of the video information presented remains high and they are as popular as ever.

In total, the Academy published nine new Your Dermatologist Knows videos in 2022. These videos earned 143 media placements, which were seen over 126 million times. Across all Academy platforms, the videos were watched over 5 million times. With 175,000 views on YouTube in 2022 alone, “How to relieve hives at home” was the top viewed video.

The Academy also reimagined the social format of the videos to mimic Instagram reels. The first Your Dermatologist Knows reel, on self-care tips to treat acne, earned almost 45,000 views on Instagram.

In addition, in 2022, the Academy YouTube channel, @AADSkin, had more than 22,000 new subscribers, which was enough to earn the “Silver Play Button” — an award granted by YouTube to content creators with over 100,000 subscribers.

The Your Dermatologist Knows videos inform the public how to care for their skin, hair, and nails at home while positioning board-certified dermatologists as the experts. The video launches are supported with media relations campaigns and encourage viewers to visit aad.org/public for more information.