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Tackling step therapy

Illustration for Impact Report Fall 2022

Step therapy protocols interfere with your patients’ care and create unnecessary burdens on your practice. Thanks to the AADA’s advocacy efforts, dozens of states have enacted step therapy reform laws, recognizing the value of a physician’s medical judgment.

Most recently, our work resulted in step therapy legislation in:

Pennsylvania: Gov. Tom Wolfe recently signed legislation into law that reforms prior authorization and step therapy.

Massachusetts: Gov. Charlie Baker also recently signed step therapy reform legislation into law.

Both laws will increase transparency, require health plans to respond to appeals in an expedient manner, and provide an exemption from step therapy protocols based on the physician’s medical judgment.

The AADA supported the efforts of the Massachusetts Academy of Dermatology and the Pennsylvania Academy of Dermatology, which have been advocating for the legislation for more than two years, through letters of support and grassroots alerts.

In addition to Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, this year, the AADA successfully advocated for step therapy reform in Tennessee and Kentucky.