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Are you part of our AAD Clinical Community?

Illustration for Impact Report on AAD Clinical Community

Launched earlier this year, your new online AAD Clinical Community is living up to its name and growing into a large, vibrant community! This new member benefit provides AAD members a moderated space to collaborate on clinical cases, advance medical skills and knowledge, and participate in a forum to educate and mentor colleagues.

Since early July, more than 9,000 members have been onboarded. We now have more than 7,700 in the AAD Community with 85% engaging with the platform in the last 60 days. What do those numbers mean for you? It means that you have the benefit of connecting with colleagues for input and advice regarding challenging cases, unusual symptom presentation, complex disease, or simply a way to brainstorm on potential treatment options. It means dermatology’s top experts are part of every discussion with the most recent research and practical applications you can use in your practice. Recent posts on palmar psoriasis, a midline destructive lesion, and vesiculopustular rashes all saw dozens of responses — all from your fellow dermatologists, all in a safe, secure environment. In fact, the post on vesiculopustular rashes, added to the community in March, turned out to be one of the earliest reported cases of the new monkeypox outbreak.

As we were developing this member offering, your online security was top of mind. By having our AAD Clinical Community hosted by DocMatter, we are assured of the highest standard of data privacy. They are compliant with two of the strictest digital privacy laws — the California Consumer Privacy Action (CCPA) and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — for all members, not just those in California and Europe. In addition, participating members own their own data, content, and submissions. Your intellectual property is yours. Learn more about the DocMatter privacy policy.