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Member media training in spotlight at AAD Annual Meeting

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The 2022 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology took place in Boston in March — and that’s big news for more people than just AAD members.

How big? Coverage of our meeting appeared in more than 120 media stories and was seen more than 81 million times. In addition to general coverage of the Annual Meeting, the AAD was responsible for several news stories that came out of the meeting, including coverage of skin reactions to COVID-19 and its vaccines, the latest in sun protection, the causes of itchy rashes in children, and the impact of environment on the skin.

Many of our stories featured AAD member dermatologists who have taken part in media training with the AAD. At the Annual Meeting and its annual Leadership Forum, we provided invaluable guidance to members who are interested in learning to communicate more effectively with the media and, through them, the public. In addition to helping the individual members who participate in the training, these sessions eventually result in the kind of coverage we saw surrounding the 2022 Annual Meeting.