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Member benefits — Supporting you with superior practice management tools

We know that when your practice is performing effectively and efficiently, patients will benefit from excellent care. That’s why the Academy is always looking for ways to enhance support for your practice. Here are some of last year’s highlights.

Private Payer Resource Center

In 2021, the Academy’s staff and the Patient Access and Payer Relations Committee worked to develop the Private Payer Resource Center, a new section of AAD.org dedicated to helping you address insurance challenges. It offers a tool to help you quickly generate appeal letters for common dermatology denials, including modifier 25, skin lesions, Mohs, reduced payment for add-on services, and patch testing.

Teledermatology in action

We continued to offer and update our teledermatology resources — plus the training and coding information that complemented those resources — with our recently improved Teledermatology Toolkit, which includes brand new AAD teledermatology standards.

Serving through the pandemic

When the pandemic persisted in 2021, we helped you keep your practice open and made sure that you had vital practice management tools close at hand.