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Advocating for you — Keeping you in the driver’s seat with step therapy reform

Too often, step therapy protocols interfere with patient care and create unwanted burdens on dermatology practices. Thanks to the AADA’s advocacy efforts over the years, dozens of states have enacted step therapy reform laws. With more than half of the country recognizing the value of a physician’s medical judgment, we continue to work in the best interest of you and your patients.

Due to our ongoing advocacy efforts in 2021, Nebraska is the most recent state to enact step therapy reform legislation. Additionally, our work resulted in improving existing laws in Arkansas, California, and Oregon.

The AADA is a member of the State Access to Innovative Medicines Coalition (SAIM) which includes physician organizations, patient groups, and industry. The SAIM Coalition partners, including the AADA, drafted step therapy model legislation that improves the step therapy process but does not prohibit it. We continue to work independently and as part of the coalition to keep you in the driver’s seat of patient care.