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Public health partnership: Youth programs

The Academy offers several programs aimed at improving the health and wellness of children and youth. AAD Youth’s Programs help ensure youth protect and care for their skin and teach them empathy for those with different skin through our Good Skin Knowledge program; plus, give youth with chronic skin conditions a life-changing week at Camp Discovery.

Your partnership ensures that children and youth continue to benefit from programs that educate them about skin health, empathy, and self-empowerment.

Youth programs
The Academy is raising vital funds to support public health programming for youth, including Camp Discovery and Good Skin Knowledge, that ensures youth protect and care for their skin with self- and social awareness that teaches self-care and empathy for others.

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Camp Discovery
Camp Discovery was founded in 1993 to provide children with chronic skin diseases an opportunity to experience a full-range of overnight summer camp activities. Many of these children cannot attend other summer camps because of physical and financial limitations, as well as due to fear of rejection because of their appearance. Through participation in arts and crafts, sports, and social activities, campers build self-esteem and confidence, and develop a new outlook on life.

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Good Skin Knowledge
Good Skin Knowledge is the AAD’s youth education campaign. Good Skin Knowledge lesson plans and accompanying handouts are designed to be easily implemented in a variety of settings for children ages 8-13. The goal is to teach young people the facts about common skin, hair, and nail conditions to build positive self-esteem and good mental health. The program is expanding to intentionally reach medically underserved populations, including patients with skin of color and those living in rural areas or with low-income.

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