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Patient and public education partnership opportunities

Learn how you can partner with the most trusted voice in dermatology to educate patients and the public on common skin, nails and hair conditions. Whether partnering on a public awareness campaign or making skin health more accessible through the power of video, you can further your commitment to education and increase patient access to dermatologic care.

The AAD offers a wide array of partnership opportunities to improve access to reliable, expert-developed education to dermatology patients and the public at large.

Dermatologist-led patient education on AAD.org

The AAD is the #1 trusted voice in dermatology. Accurate and accessible content for the public on AAD.org generated 41 million views with 36 million unique pageviews in 2020 and views continue to increase. AAD media relations, social media and public education tactics drive visitors to AAD.org for more information. There are many strategic partnership opportunities with dermatologist-vetted content on AAD.org from Disease Resource Centers to Everyday Care and more!

Disease Resource Centers
The Academy has six primary resource centers under Diseases and Conditions: (1) Acne, (2) Eczema, (3) Hair Loss, (4) Psoriasis, (5) Rosacea, (6) Skin Cancer; and now the Coronavirus Resource Center.

Recognition may include sidebar logo placement on every page of the sponsored AAD.org Disease Resource Center for 12 months.
Multiple supporters per Resource Center,
Sponsored page(s) of AAD.org/public
All content, such as Everyday Care, Cosmetic Treatments, and Parents & Kids, is vetted by expert dermatologists to ensure it features the most up-to-date recommendations on protecting and keeping skin, hair, and nails healthy year-round, and stresses the importance of seeing a board-certified dermatologist.

Recognition may include sidebar logo placement on sponsored page(s).
Multiple supporters, please contact the Corporate Giving team to customize options to your partnership goals.Available
Videos of the month
The Videos of the Month are a series of unique videos released to the public monthly. Each video illustrates lifestyle tips the public can use to care for their skin, hair, and nails at home and encourages viewers to see a board-certified dermatologist. The videos are published on YouTube, in both English and Spanish, and a shorter version is also published on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The YouTube videos are all saved in a Dermatology A-Z playlist and distributed to media nationwide via news releases. The videos continue to generate views and engagement long after publication through regular promotion on the AAD’s social media platforms. In 2020, the videos generated more than 314 million media impressions and more than 8.6 million views.

Recognition may include logo placement at the end of video content.
Multiple supporters, starting at $7,500 per video.
Patient education pamphlets
Developed by the AAD with board-certified dermatologists, patient education pamphlets address symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and self-care options for skin, hair, nail conditions, and sun protection. More than 2 million AAD pamphlets are distributed to dermatology patients each year. There are currently 35 print pamphlets. Support needs differ per pamphlet as each pamphlet’s content, design and imagery are updated regularly to provide accurate and inclusive information to the public.

Recognition may include logo placement on the back cover of the printed pamphlets and name recognition in the AAD’s online shopping cart. Additionally, a pamphlet may be packaged with correlating content on AAD.org with potential for QR Code linked to this sponsored content.
Multiple supporters, pricing varies, please contact the Corporate Giving team.Available

Skin Cancer, Take a Hike!™ and other disease awareness

AAD public awareness campaigns such as the SPOT Skin Cancer™ campaign continue to be reach millions of people each year with key messages on sun protection and skin cancer prevention and detection. While AAD campaigns like SPOT are not available for sponsorship, if you’d like to support skin cancer awareness and prevention, please consider sponsoring Skin Cancer, Take a Hike!™.

The Academy also invites you to partner with us on other disease awareness. Based on the dermatologic disease/condition, the AAD will develop a customized partnership package that includes educational tactics such pamphlets, website content, and videos.

Recognition may include logo placement on educational content and name recognition in media relations materials.
Based on disease awareness tactics, please contact the Corporate Giving team.Available
Interested in partnering with the AAD?

Contact the Academy's Corporate and Foundation Relations team at CorporateTeam@aad.org.