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Illustrated AAD Strategic Plan

Download a PDF version of the AAD Strategic Plan.

Strategic goals

The achievement of each strategic goal will move the Academy towards the realization of our vision: Recognized as the leading authority for the highest quality and compassionate dermatologic care.

Excellence in dermatologic care through education and advocacy


Dermatologists are leaders in providing superior and compassionate patient care.


  1. Continue to influence decision-makers on the importance and value of dermatologic care and the role of dermatologists in providing high-quality patient care

  2. Enhance innovative delivery of education for board-certified dermatologists

  3. Enhance value and relevance of AAD educational offerings globally

  4. Expand AAD’s influence on medical school curriculum

  5. Enhance the well-being of dermatologists to allow for compassionate care of patients


Innovative learning experiences equip members to provide compassionate patient care. Read more.

Access to dermatologic care


Patients have access to excellent dermatologic care at the right time and place.


  1. Maximize responsible use of telemedicine.

  2. Explore opportunities to expand board-certified dermatology workforce to meet demand. Foster diversity in the dermatology specialty.  

  3. Increase dermatologic services available to under-served populations.

  4. Increase consumer understanding of the importance of care delivered by board-certified dermatologists and their teams.


Diversifying the specialty can result in high-quality access to dermatologic care. Read more.

Data driven transformation of care


Patient care is continuously improved through the collection and transfer of data.


  • Increase participation in DataDerm

  • Improve the data quality and completeness within DataDerm

  • Enhance identification and communication of best practice models

  • Increase evidence of patient care improvements


Real-time patient data transforms the practice and improves care. Read more.

Unity of the specialty


The specialty is working together as champions, influencers, and ambassadors on issues impacting all of dermatology.


  • Enhance professionalism of member-to-member interactions

  • Increase effectiveness of communications between groups within the specialty

  • Unify groups within the specialty to enhance the perception of dermatology and to communicate a unified message externally


Unity in dermatology starts with putting patients first. Read more.

Support for board-certified dermatologists leading care teams


Recognizing the trend in medicine toward care teams, support the board-certified dermatologists who lead dermatology care teams in achieving effective integration of team members to provide high-quality patient care. 


  1. Enhance effective integration of care team members who work in dermatology practices

  2. Expand involvement of care team members in AAD

  3. Expand education to non-physician clinicians working in care teams led by board-certified dermatologists

  4. Enhance skills of dermatologists to lead care teams


Let’s talk about leading care teams and other elephants in the room. Read more.