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Advisory Board Call for Nominations

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Three Advisory Board Executive Committee seats will be open at the conclusion of the 2024 Annual Meeting. This is a great opportunity to become involved in a leadership position on the Advisory Board!

You’re eligible to seek a seat on the Executive Committee if you are a Fellow in good standing and interested in bringing important dermatologic issues to the forefront. Duties and responsibilities of Advisory Board Executive Committee members include:

  • Serving as an active representative on the Advisory Board;

  • Engaging with constituent societies in identifying active members to represent their society on the Advisory Board;

  • Ensuring resolutions presented at the Advisory Board General Business Meeting align with the Academy’s strategic plan;

  • Monitoring the progress of resolutions to amplify members’ voices throughout the year; and

  • Modeling positive leadership behaviors for your fellow dermatologists.

If this seems like the perfect fit for you or someone you know, then submit an application today! You can apply for yourself or on behalf of another member.

The in-person election will be held on Sunday, March 10, 2024, at 2:00 p.m. PT, in San Diego. Each candidate will be given two minutes to make a short campaign speech.

Use the form below to self-nominate or nominate someone you know.

Fill out my online form.

If you have questions, please contact Academy staff at advisoryboard@aad.org.

Need to nominate someone you know?

The form above is for self-nominations. Please use our other form to nominate someone you know.

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