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New and improved Find a Dermatologist, Member directory, and account page

Feedback from members indicated that their experience using the Member directory, Find a Dermatologist, and their account page was complicated and confusing. As a result, all three sections have received a facelift. Starting Nov. 1, 2023, the enhancements help streamline information and simplify tasks to make it quicker, cleaner, and easier for members to update their information and for the public to find a dermatologist.

What are the Member directory, Find A Dermatologist, and the account page and why are they important to me?

The Member directory is a member benefit that allows members to connect with other members. Find a Dermatologist is a member benefit that allows patients to find and connect with dermatologists in their area. The account page is a one-stop location where members can view their transactions with the AAD, find important membership information, and access complimentary benefits.

What’s changed?

The biggest change that members will notice is that the Member directory and Find a Dermatologist are now separated. The separation is much cleaner and alleviates confusion about what is accessible for members only to view (the Member directory), and what information patients can see about dermatologists (Find A Dermatologist).

In addition to the separation, other changes include:

  • The Member directory now lets the member control what is visible to other members and what information they want to keep private in their account. Member information is logically grouped and easier to view and update.

  • 70% of Find a Dermatologist visitors use mobile devices so we made Find a Dermatologist more mobile friendly. Improved search capabilities with a mobile-friendly layout allow visitors to see relevant content instead of drop downs. Find a Dermatologist also has a new autocomplete and search suggestion feature that makes searching faster and easier.

  • The account page showcases a new header with the member photo and basic profile information. This update elevates the most important tasks to optimal screen-viewing locations, so members don’t have to continue to scroll or hunt. Content is kept to a minimum for faster scanning and task completion.

How do these changes help me as a member?

On a large scale, making these changes will help increase awareness about board-certified dermatologists, expand reach among the public and help connect more patients with members, and increase awareness about the AAD.

On a smaller scale, members will now have an easier, quicker, and cleaner user experience in these sections with the ability to control what others see.

What do I need to do to do differently?

Check out the new Find a Dermatologist and Member directory. Populate your Find a Dermatologist profile if you have not done so already. Review the Member directory and identify what aspects of your profile you would like visible to other members. Give us feedback and let us know how you like the changes!

Access resources

Choose between the Member directory and Find a Dermatologist to explore our redesigned resources.