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The AAD New Brand Promise

Image of new AAD logo

The power of the circle

A symbol reflecting strength in unity and belonging, the logo represents the visual identification for an association that members are proud of. This is our AAD story.

Manifesto: Our members are our power

Illustration of Manifesto

Learn about the Academy's efforts to refocus its brand on education, advocacy, member-centricity, and innovation.

Education graphic for AAD brand

The Academy is the gold-standard for educational resources for dermatologists.

Advocacy graphic for AAD brand

The AADA's advocacy efforts impact individual dermatologists and the specialty.

member centricity image

The Academy is committed to being a member-centric, listening organization that embraces diversity.

Innovation image for AAD brand

The Academy is innovating to better deliver educational services and help dermatologists use technology in practice.

Now it's your turn: Listen | Learn | Lead

Tune in to the new brand promise

Listen to a new Dialogues in Dermatology podcast with Dr. Seemal Desai and Melanie Tolley Hall on how the AAD’s new brand promise came to life and best practices for members thinking about rebranding their practices.

The Academy's brand

Watch a short video on the Academy's continuing commitment to member centricity, education, innovation, and advocacy.

New AAD Fellow (FAAD) designation

Differentiate yourself from other board-certified physicians as the expert on skin, hair, and nails by using the new AAD Fellow (FAAD) designation.