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2024 Annual Meeting: Exhibitor meeting & event requests

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Exhibitor meeting & event requests

The AAD welcomes exhibiting companies and companies affiliated with exhibiting companies to meet and host various functions during designated and AAD approved dates and times in conjunction with the 2024 AAD Annual Meeting in San Diego, California.

The AAD manages the approval of exhibitor functions at all AAD official hotels. To request meeting space, all eligible exhibitors must complete a meeting and event request form for every function held during the 2024 AAD Annual Meeting. This includes requests for offices for exhibiting companies, third-party companies representing exhibiting companies, international divisions of confirmed domestic exhibitors, and international companies with co-marketing agreements with confirmed exhibitors. Approval for meeting space will not be granted to non-exhibiting companies that do not qualify in one of the areas listed above.


Definition of eligibility can be found in Exhibitor Planning Resources, or in the Policies and Guidelines for Exhibitor Meetings and Events (PDF).

Space considerations

  1. Fill out a form for each space request. Example: If group has a meeting and a lunch and wants each in a separate room, please fill out separate applications for each room.

  2. Requests for multiple rooms near each other will be considered, but not guaranteed.

  3. Meeting space is not available at the convention center nor at the headquarter hotel.

Space request form - Exhibitor meetings & events

Exhibiting companies and companies affiliated with exhibiting companies MUST fill out the Exhibitor Meetings & Events Request Form.

Important note

This form is password protected and only accessible to the main administrative contact for each exhibiting company. The AAD will not provide passwords to anyone other than the administrative contact for said company.

Questions on exhibitor meetings & events

Please email exhibits@aad.org and a member of the Meetings & Conventions staff will respond.