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2023 Annual Meeting: First-time exhibitor information

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Reserve your booth space today and join us for the 2023 Annual Meeting!

New applicant submissions

The American Academy of Dermatology invites you to participate in the 2023 Annual Meeting, taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana. Take advantage of meeting with the most dedicated dermatology experts and decision makers from around the world.

  • Generate leads that will increase sales.

  • Develop advantageous relationships to further expand your business.

  • Check out the marketplace and gain insight on emerging trends.

Applicants who have either never exhibited at an Annual Meeting or have not exhibited in the past 3 years must complete the review process prior to assignment of exhibit space. An applicant who has exhibited must complete the review process only if there has been a material change in circumstances relating to its company (e.g., a change in ownership, control, or legal status) or in the nature, name, composition, products, labeling, or regulatory status of the products and services to be exhibited.

Company review requirements

  • Space application/contract

  • Company profile. The information should include a copy of the company‚Äôs filed Articles of Incorporation or W9, company history, mission statement, management team bios, and advisory/board of directors listing, if applicable.

  • The products and/or services the company plans to exhibit (i.e. product brochures or literature).

  • Documentation of FDA filing status (if applicable) or acknowledgement of compliance with FDA policies.

  • Exhibitors must disclose details on any consumer or government litigation, orders, injunctions, judgments, or settlements over the last 3 years regarding the business practices of the company or the products and services to be exhibited. Companies with multiple complaints filed against them with state or federal consumer affairs regulatory agencies, the Better Business Bureau, or Academy members may be required to provide an explanation of the resolution of those complaints.

First-time exhibitor resources

Please contact Exhibits at exhibits@aad.org.