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2022 AAD VMX: Group purchase option

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To qualify, you must have a group of 20 or more individuals.

Fee per individual person in the group purchase is $660.

As an organizer, you will login to the AAD website and purchase the number of VMX registrations that you need. You will not need to provide any delegate information at any time.

How the group purchase option works

  • Group organizer purchases for groups with over 20 delegates through the link below.

    (Please note: Group purchases can only be completed via the button below.)

  • Be sure that you purchase the correct amount. There will not be an opportunity to add additional after your initial purchase, as each purchase needs to be 20 or more.

  • Immediately after purchase, group organizers will receive a receipt confirming your group order. Please keep this email for your records as your official group invoice.

  • Group organizers will receive another email within 5 business days, from registration@aad.org, containing unique promo codes that will need to be shared with each of your delegates.

  • Once delegate receives their unique promo code from the group organizer, they will need to login to the AAD website and “purchase” 2022 AAD VMX using their promo code. Because the group organizer has already paid the fee, each delegate’s cost will be $0 once the promo code is applied at checkout.

  • Group organizers: Each promo code can only be used once, so be sure to provide a unique code to each delegate.

  • After the delegate has purchased 2022 AAD VMX using their promo code, they will receive an order confirmation and instructions on how to access the platform.

We highly suggest allowing delegates to be responsible for themselves in purchasing 2022 AAD VMX with their individual promo code, rather than organizers completing the process for them. Access to the content and Q&A platform is connected to their AAD website login. If you create this on their behalf, they will not know how to login for content.

Group purchase option

*Please note, there will be no refunds.

Make a group purchase