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Volunteer to join AAD’s philanthropic teledermatology program, designed to deliver dermatologic expertise to underserved populations.

AccessDerm will:

  • Engage board-certified, AAD member dermatologists and residents in training in providing safe and secure telemedicine consultations to underserved communities in their state.

  • Provide a telemedicine platform free of charge to eligible sites providing health care services to underserved populations in the United States.

How AccessDerm works

Teledermatology services will be coordinated through Qualified Healthcare Centers that have collaborated with the AAD AccessDerm program. The primary care provider will initiate a derm consult via AccessDerm by uploading patient consult request.

This request will be transmitted to a dermatologist who will then review the case and provide feedback to the patient’s primary care provider. AccessDerm offers store-and-forward technology (photos, teledermoscopy images, teledermatopathology images, and short videos) between referring clinicians and dermatologists. 

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Dermatologists are needed for our AccessDerm program. Volunteer today.

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Getting started

Once you've signed up to volunteer, here are resources to help you get started on Access Derm. For technical assistance with the Medweb interface, please contact the Medweb Support team at

Special thanks to our AccessDerm partners: 

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Medweb has a long history of contributing to humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, and educational efforts. Medweb routinely provides software, hardware, and/or professional services either pro bono, or at substantially reduced costs to support these efforts.

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