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Evaluating practice models: Joining or selling a practice

Whether you're starting a practice, transitioning, or preparing to retire, it's important to understand what's involved in these life-changing decisions. As traditional practice models may give way to new, innovative practice models, the Academy offers resources and guidance to ensure that you are prepared to choose a path that's right for you.

Explore your practice model options

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Joining a practice

Starting or switching practices? The resources below will help you explore your options, whether you are joining a traditional solo or group practice, exploring concierge/cash only, or considering military service.

Joining a practice
Concierge/cash only
Large group
Small group
VA hospital
Key details of an employment contract
How to negotiate a contract
Young physician checklist
Practice model white paper
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New practice models

Are you interested in adopting a new practice model? Explore the resources below, which explain ACOs and APMs, group practices without walls, teledermatology, and more.

New practice models 

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Selling your practice?

Are you ready to retire and sell your practice? The resources below offer guidance on methods for valuing your practice, considerations around private equity, and things to watch for in a sales contract.

Selling a practice