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AAD Diversity Toolkit

The AAD has created two educational resources in its online Learning Center that can help dermatologists hone their ability to provide clinically appropriate and compassionate care to patients from all backgrounds.

The Skin of Color Curriculum is a complete, definitive inpatient and outpatient curriculum for the diagnosis and effective treatment of Skin of Color disease and conditions for practicing dermatologists and dermatology residents.

Medicine Without Barriers: Overcoming Unintended Bias in Practice is designed to increase cultural knowledge and breakdown unintended barriers to providing patients with excellent and compassionate dermatology care. The curated content provides a guided experience to learn and use concepts related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging that can impact health equity in patient care.

In addition, the AAD has assembled the resources below from other organizations to help dermatologists understand key concepts around diversity and inclusion.

Card illustration for Overcoming unintended bias
Medicine Without Barriers

This course teaches practical skills to overcome unintended biases in practice, supporting good communication and optimal care for patients.

Skin of Color Curriculum for AAD's Learning Center
Skin of Color Curriculum

The Skin of Color Curriculum is a complete, definitive in- and out-patient curriculum for the diagnosis and effective treatment of patients with skin of color.

The links below download PDFs, except the first.


An Anti-Racism Resource Guide — To Strive Toward Becoming an Inclusive Leader


Evaluating the Cosmetic Patient

Cultural competence

Cultural Competence for the 21st Century Dermatologist Practicing in the United States

Implicit bias

Take a Test

The Impact of Unconscious Bias in Healthcare

Unconscious Bias Proceedings AAMC 2017


Safe Working Environments for URM Students, Residents, and Faculty: Microaggressions

Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Microaggressions in Medicine

Other resources

Diversity Toolkits from Other Organizations

Resources to Delve Deeper

Resources for GME Trainees and Program Directors

Resources for allies

Resources for White Allies

Unpacking the Invisible Backpack: White Privilege

Our diversity resources

Access our other resources on diversity, equity, and inclusion.