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Outgoing chairs

The following chairs of Academy councils and committees completed their terms on March 12, 2024.

Outgoing council chairs

Bruce A. Brod, MD, MHCI, FAAD
Council on Government Affairs and Health Policy

Lynn Ann Cornelius, MD, FAAD
Council on Science & Research

Outgoing committee chairs

Mark D. Kaufmann, MD, FAAD
Academy Former Presidents Committee

Eliot N. Mostow, MD, FAAD
Access to Dermatologic Care Committee

Andrew Hart Weinstein, MD, MPH, FAAD
Advisory Board Executive Committee

Seemal R. Desai, MD, FAAD
Appointment Selection Committee

S. Wright Caughman, MD, FAAD
Audit Committee

Margaret (Molly) Moye, MD, FAAD
Coding and Reimbursement Committee

Carrie L. Davis, MD, FAAD
Congressional Policy Committee

Marta J. Van Beek, MD, MPH, FAAD
DataDerm Oversight Committee

M. Yadira Hurley, MD, FAAD
Dermatopathology Committee

Katrina Abuabara, MD, FAAD
Diversity Committee

John S Barbieri, MD, MBA, FAAD
Drug Pricing and Transparency Task Force

Hayes B. Gladstone, MD, FAAD
Education and Volunteers Abroad Committee

Terrence A. Cronin Jr., MD, FAAD
Executive Committee

Carmen M Salavastru, MD, PhD, IFAAD
International Affairs Committee

Amit G. Pandya, MD, FAAD
Intersociety Diversity Task Force

Bruce H. Thiers, MD, FAAD
JAAD Publications Committee

Margo Reeder, MD, FAAD
MIPS Value Pathways Committee

Sara Moghaddam, MD, FAAD
Nominating Committee

Megan H Noe, MD, MPH, FAAD
Patient Advocate Task Force

Steven Daniel Daveluy, MD, FAAD
Performance Measurement Committee

Thomas Hagele, MD, FAAD
Practice Management Committee

Eric Austin Millican, MD, FAAD
Regulatory Policy Committee

Morgan BriAnne Murphrey, MD, MS
Residents/Fellows Committee

Alexandra Flamm, MD, FAAD
Resource-Based Relative Value Scale & Current Procedural Terminology Committee

Hensin Tsao, MD, PhD, FAAD
Scientific Assembly Committee

M. Laurin Council, MD, MBA, FAAD
Self - Assessment Task Force

C. William Hanke, MD, FAAD

Alexander S. Gross, MD, FAAD
State Policy Committee

Mara Dacso, MD, MS, FAAD
State Society Relationships Committee

Jason Ezra Hawkes, MD, MS, FAAD
Sulzberger Dermatologic Institute and Education Grants Committee

Jashin J. Wu, MD, FAAD
World Congress Fund Review Task Force

Amy J Derick, MD, FAAD
Advisory Board Executive Committee

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