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Model State Awards

Model State Award

The Model State Award recognizes state society achievement in a number of areas. These are:

  • Education

  • Patient support

  • Community service

  • Legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts

  • Membership outreach and development

There are several important components that each State Society must meet in order to achieve Model State Status.

Core Criteria:

  • An identified/specific contact person (executive director, administrator, secondary contact, secretary, volunteer) with permanent mailing address, email, and phone.

  • A web page that provides (at minimum) basic information regarding Mission and contact information. If you do not currently have a web page, please contact Sandi Ring at for guided instruction to develop a simple landing page.

  • Bylaws that include a written mission statement.

  • Elected Officers.

  • Active Advisory Board member.

  • System of Dues collected annually.

  • Opportunities for networking (e.g., Annual Meeting, Journal Club, networking events, social gatherings, etc.).

  • Communication to members, with a minimum two times annually (e.g., newsletter, informational email blast, written letters, social media, etc. ).

There are many new questions and expanded answer sections that will help us learn more about the exceptional things happening in your state society as well as understand challenges that might lead to new program supports.

This award opens September 16 and closes November 29.

Note: Societies that do not meet the core criteria and would like assistance in further developing their societies are encouraged to contact AAD staff member Sandi Ring by email at or by phone at 847-240-1241.

Special Recognition Award

The Special Recognition Award recognizes state societies for outstanding achievement in a particular program or initiative.

A more comprehensive application has been developed that is intended to gather specific information about your special projects and programs as well as capture the logistical details that will allow other state societies to replicate those outstanding initiatives.

Information to be gathered:

  • Special recognition category.

  • Title of program/initiative.

  • Challenge/issue being addressed (aim).

  • Implementation strategies. (How did you do this? Share step-by-step to aid in replication by other state societies should they be interested in this innovative and promising practice.)

  • Cost associated.

  • Challenges faced and solutions identified.

  • Timeline (from inception to completion).

  • Outcome (impact).

  • Important things to consider for other state societies seeking to replicate this initiative.

This award opens September 16 and closes November 29.

Note: The Special Recognition Award focuses on a range of initiatives within the context of dermatology, dermatological care, state society efforts, and state society member engagement and management. Some examples include initiatives intended to engage members, provide community involvement and volunteer opportunities, enhance advocacy efforts, provide support to resident and young physicians, development of leadership initiatives, build collaborative relationships, and more. Those selected will be featured on the State Society web page and will be disseminated broadly through various other State Society communications. Replication will be encouraged through the development of Innovative and Promising Practice funds.

  • Honors recipients
  • Model State recipients
  • Special Recognition Award recipients
  • 2019 Model State Award with Honors recipients

    • Florida Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery

    • Georgia Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery

    • Maryland Dermatologic Society

    • Ohio Dermatological Association, Inc.

    • Pennsylvania Academy of Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery

    • Virginia Dermatology Society

    2019 Model State Award recipients

    • Colorado Dermatologic Society

    • Iowa Dermatological Society

    • Louisiana Dermatological Society

    • Massachusetts Academy of Dermatology

    • Michigan Dermatological Society

    • Minnesota Dermatological Society

    • Missouri Dermatological Society, Inc.

    • North Carolina Dermatology Association

    • South Carolina Academy of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery

    • Texas Dermatological Society

    • Wisconsin Dermatological Society

    2019 Special Recognition Award recipients

    • Alabama Dermatology Society

    • Indiana Academy of Dermatology

    Model State Award with Honors

    The Model State Award with Honors recognizes that in addition to achievement as a Model State, these societies also are being recognized for outstanding achievement for a particular program or initiative.

    Note: Both the Model State Award and the Special Recognition Award must be completed and submitted.

    Award ribbons

    Congratulations to the recipients of the 2019 Model State and Special Recognition Awards. The State Society Relationships Committee and the American Academy of Dermatology recognize your contributions to physicians, patients, and the specialty of dermatology in your state.

    As a Model State or Special Recognition recipient, your society is acknowledged for accomplishments in the areas of education, patient support, community service, advocacy, and member development.

    The award ribbon that you received may be used to highlight this recognition and we encourage you to display on your website, letterhead, correspondence with members, and with your community in general.

    If you have questions, or would like to request a copy of the award ribbon, contact Sandi Ring at

    Model State with Honors Award ribbon
    2019 Model State Award with Honors

    For excellence in education, patient support, community service, advocacy, and member development in addition to outstanding program/initiative.

    Model State Award ribbon
    2019 Model State Award

    For excellence in education, patient support, community service, advocacy, and member development.

    Special Recognition Award ribbon
    2019 Special Recognition Award

    For outstanding program/initiative.