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A. Paul Kelly, MD Research Award and Lectureship

Honoring a leader

Throughout his career, Dr. A. Paul Kelly researched skin diseases in people of color, particularly keloidal scarring. 

The A. Paul Kelly, MD Research Award and Lectureship was created in 2021 to recognize outstanding dermatologists, who throughout their career have been committed to researching issues associated with skin of color and improving dermatological care for patients.

The selected lecturer will receive a cash award of $10,000 and present a lecture of approximately 30 minutes at the summer Innovation Academy’s Plenary session.

Apply for the award

Access an online application form to submit a nominee for the award.

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If you have questions, please contact Cari Lamberg at clamberg@aad.org.

  • Criteria
  • Selection process
  • Past recipients
  • About Dr. Kelly
    • The recipient selected may be a physician or non-physician of national or international stature.

    • The recipient should be a recognized expert whose contributions to the understanding of skin diseases in people of color and/or underserved patient populations have been outstanding in innovation and practice.

    • The recipient should still be actively engaged in clinically important research and investigation.

    • The recipient should have proven ability as a communicator, both verbal and written.

    • Requests for nominations will be solicited from the Academy membership at large.

    • Applications will be reviewed by the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEI) with recommendations presented by a DEI representative to the Named Lectureship Task Force who will select the award recipient taking into account the theme of that year’s meeting, and present for approval by the Innovation Academy planning committee.

    Named Lectureship Task Force

    Kevin D. Cooper, MD, FAAD, Chair, 2025
    Jo-David Fine, MD, MPH, FAAD, Deputy Chair, 2025
    Emily Y. Chu, MD, PhD, FAAD, Member, 2025
    Robyn D. Siperstein, MD, FAAD, Member, 2024
    Bruce Harris Thiers, MD, FAAD, Member, 2025
    Janelle Pavlis, MD, FAAD, Member, 2025
    David Rosmarin, MD, FAAD, Member, 2026

    2023: Ginette A. Okoye, MD FAAD
    2022: Pearl Grimes. MD, FAAD

    The award is named for Dr. A. Paul Kelly, who throughout his career researched skin diseases in people of color, particularly keloidal scarring. After retirement, he became a Fulbright Regional Research Scholar and brought his keloid research project to Sultan Qaboos University in Oman, where he assembled an extraordinary international team of dermatologists and geneticists to carry out an ongoing epidemiological and genetic study on familial keloids. Dr. Kelly inspired and challenged nearly 90 dermatology residents, countless medical students, and numerous dermatology colleagues, domestically and globally, to address critical issues in dermatology and medicine.