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Everett C. Fox, MD, Memorial Lectureship

The Everett C. Fox, MD, Lectureship was formed through a bequest from the estate of Everett C. Fox, MD. Dr. Fox had been a practicing clinician in Texas and was vice president of the American Academy of Dermatology in 1946. 

Award: The selected lecturer will receive a cash award of $10,000 and present a 30-minute lecture at AAD's Innovation Academy.


  • The individual selected must be a dermatologist.

  • The recipient should be an acknowledged, expert clinician.

  • The emphasis must be in selecting a person who is a practicing clinical dermatologist (including dermatopathologists and dermatologic surgeons) regardless of his or her area of practice. There should be no emphasis on a particular age group.

  • The recipient must have proven communication skills. 

Application timeline: Nominations submitted on or before June 15 will be included in the selection cycle for the coming year. Nominations submitted after June 15 will be held for the following cycle. Nominations remain active in the selection cycle for five years.

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The selected lecturer will receive a cash award of $10,000 and present a lecture at AAD's Summer Meeting.

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For more information: Contact Cari Lamberg at clamberg@aad.org.

  • Selection process
  • Past recipients
  • About Dr. Fox
  • The recipient will be selected by the Named Lectureship Task Force and presented to the Scientific Assembly Committee for approval at the planning meeting, which is held in the fall of the year prior to the presentation of the lecture. The Academy will announce its final decision in December of the following year.

    Named Lectureship Task Force

    Kevin D. Cooper, MD, FAAD, Chair, 2025
    Jo-David Fine, MD, MPH, FAAD, Deputy Chair, 2025
    Emily Y. Chu, MD, PhD, FAAD, Member, 2025
    Robyn D. Siperstein, MD, FAAD, Member, 2024
    Bruce Harris Thiers, MD, FAAD, Member, 2025
    Janelle Pavlis, MD, FAAD, Member, 2025
    David Rosmarin, MD, FAAD, Member, 2026

    2023: Alice B. Gottlieb, MD, PhD, FAAD
    2022: Robert T. Brodell, MD, FAAD
    2021: Mario E. Lacouture, MD, FAAD
    2020: n/a
    2019: Amy McMichael, MD, FAAD
    2018: Bruce  H.  Thiers,  MD,  FAAD
    2017: Pearl E. Grimes, MD, FAAD
    2016: Harley Haynes, MD, FAAD
    2015: James S. Taylor, MD
    2014: Timothy G. Berger, MD
    2013: Mark Lebwohl, MD
    2012: Henry W. Lim, MD
    2011: Timothy M. Johnson, MD
    2010: Libby Edwards, MD
    2009: Frances J. Storrs, MD
    2008: Jean L. Bolognia, MD
    2007: William D. James, MD
    2006: Samuel L. Moschella, MD
    2005: Roy S. Rogers III, MD
    2004: Jeffrey P. Callen, MD
    2003: Gloria F. Graham, MD
    2002: Rex A. Amonette, MD
    2001: Irwin H. Braverman, MD
    2000: Donald P. Lookingbill, MD
    1999: Maria L. Chanco Turner, MD
    1998: Elizabeth I. McBurney, MD
    1997: Victor D. Newcomer, MD
    1996: William M. Narva, MD
    1995: G. Thomas Jansen, MD
    1994: Harry J. Hurley, MD

    His story begins in the small town of Italy, Texas, known as "the biggest little city in Texas." Born in 1902, Dr. Fox graduated from Baylor University College of Medicine in Dallas in 1928 and did his dermatology training in New York at New York University and Philadelphia. Upon the completion of training, he returned to Dallas and held private practice for 43 years, retiring in 1975. He was a teacher of clinical dermatology and syphilology at Baylor University for eight years and subsequently at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

    Among his years as a dedicated physician and teacher, Dr. Fox's contributions to dermatology included the following: president of the American Medical Association, president of the Texas Dermatology Society, vice president of the American Academy of Dermatology, served on the AAD's Board of Directors for multiple years, member of the House of Delegates for the American Medical Association, and president of the Dallas County Medical Society.