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Members Making a Difference Award

The Academy’s Council on Member Services reviews all completed nominations and selects one winner for each quarter in the year. The award is distributed quarterly to an AAD member, chosen based on the significance of the work he/she has done and the uniqueness of the volunteer activity. All nominees will remain on the selection list for up to three years.

Award: Each winner will be honored with a plaque at the Recognition Reception during the follow year's Annual Meeting.


  • Exceptional service to the underserved

  • Exceptional service to the community

  • Exceptional service to the state/local/medical/subspecialty dermatology society

  • Exceptional service to academic physician education

  • Exceptional service to the Academy

  • Exceptional service to the international audience

  • Significant commitment of time, energy, and resources

  • Significant benefit to others as a result of their volunteerism 

  • Volunteer work is outside the realm of paid positions

Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Apply for the award

Apply or nominate a colleague for the award.

Apply or nominate

For more information, contact Brittany Whaley at bwhaley@aad.org or (847) 240-1476.

  • Selection process
  • Past recipients
  • The Academy's Council on Member Services reviews all completed nominations and selects one winner for each quarter in the year. The recipients are notified before their announcement. No sitting member on the Council on Member Services can be selected to receive the award.


    • David R. Carr, MD, FAAD, First Quarter

    • Louis Kuchnir, MD, PhD, FAAD, Second Quarter


    • Alaina James, MD, PhD, FAAD, First Quarter

    • Cyndi Yag-Howard, MD, FAAD, Second Quarter

    • Amy J. Derick, MD, FAAD, Third Quarter

    • Joel S. Shavin, MD, FAAD, Fourth Quarter


    • Gary Paul Dillion, MD, FAAD

    • William Huang, MD, FAAD

    • Lawrence C. Parish, MD, FAAD, First Quarter

    • Kenneth E. Wasserman, MD, FAAD, Second Quarter


    • Koushik Lahiri, MBBS, DVD, First Quarter

    • Boluwaji Akhigbe Ogunyemi, MD, FAAD, Second Quarter

    • Margaret Cavanaugh-Hussey, MD, FAAD, Third Quarter

    • Adam Clark Byrd, MD, FAAD, Fourth Quarter


    • Gail R. Goldenstein, MD, FAAD, Third Quarter

    • Jules Lipoff, MF, FAAD, Fourth Quarter


    • Nkanyezi Ngwenyama Ferguson, MD, FAAD, First Quarter

    • Brian Raphael, MD, FAAD, Second Quarter

    • Suresh Padmakant Joshipura, MD, Third Quarter

    • Harvey I. Weinberg, MD, FAAD, Fourth Quarter


    • Ida Tiongco, MD,FAAD, First Quarter

    • DéDée Murell, MD, FAAD, Second Quarter

    • Shyam Bhanuskankar Verma, MBBS, DVD, Third Quarter

    • C. Ralph Daniel MD, FAAD, Fourth Quarter


    • Alexander Gross, MD, FAAD, January

    • David Butler, MD,FAAD, February

    • Rashmi Sarkar, MD March

    • Neil Heskel, MD, FAAD, April

    • Scott Collins, MD, FAAD, May

    • Rudolf Roth, MD, FAAD, June

    • Inbal Braunstein, MD, FAAD July

    • Isabel Casas, MD, FAAD August


    • Steven Rosenberg, MD, FAAD: December 2013

    • Ginette Hinds, MD, FAAD: November 2013

    • Allison Therese Vidimos, MD,RPh, FAAD: October 2013

    • Maryam Mandana Asgari, MD, FAAD: September 2013

    • Karolyn Wanat, MD, FAAD: August 2013

    • Douglas Naversen, MD, FAAD: July 2013

    • Nnenna Agim, MD, FAAD: June 2013

    • Trinh Tran, MD, FAAD: May 2013

    • Dale Westrom, MD, PhD, FAAD: April 2013

    • Wendi Wohltmann, MD, FAAD: March 2013

    • Terrence Cronin, Sr., MD, FAAD: February 2013

    • James J. Herrmann, MD, FAAD: January 2013


    • Dore Gilbert, MD: December 2012

    • Jennifer Tan, MD, FAAD: November 2012

    • Dayna Diven, MD, FAAD: October 2012

    • Robert Kalb, MD, FAAD: September 2012

    • James Baumgaertner, MD, FAAD: August 2012

    • Mike Kalisiak, MD, FAAD: July 2012

    • Ray Carlsen, MD, FAAD: June 2012

    • Esther Freeman, MD, PhD: May 2012

    • Casey Carlos, MD, PhD, FAAD: April 2012

    • Steven Flax, MD, FAAD: March 2012

    • Timothy Woodall, MD, FAAD: February 2012

    • Aisha Sethi, MD, FAAD: January 2012


    • Wilson Liao, MD, FAAD: December 2011

    • David Biro, MD, FAAD: November 2011

    • Bruce A. Deitchman, MD, FAAD: October 2011

    • R. Rox Anderson, MD, FAAD: September 2011

    • Joel Thomas Bamford, MD, FAAD: August 2011

    • Elizabeth Sanders Jacobson, MD, FAAD: July 2011

    • Tina Chen, MD, FAAD: June 2011

    • Kenneth Howard Kraemer, MD, FAAD: May 2011

    • Jeffrey N. Thompson, DO, FAAD: April 2011

    • Jonathan Kantor, MD, FAAD: March 2011

    • Oliver Fred Miller, III, MD, FAAD: February 2011

    • Ronald H. Falcon, MD, FAAD: January 2011