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Skin Care for Developing Countries

COVID-19 Considerations

Determination of the continuation of the 2021 program is underway. More information to come.

The Academy offers grants to individuals and organizations to fund international volunteer and humanitarian projects under the Skin Care for Developing Countries program.

Grants vary between $2,500 and $5,000 depending on the proposal, scope of the project, and availability of funds.

Application timeline: To be considered for the 2021 grant, applications should be submitted by June 30, 2020. Grant recipients will be notified by October 30, so they can plan for funding and programming.

Applications received after June 30, 2020, will be considered for the next years funding cycle.

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Apply for a grant to fund humanitarian work in developing countries.

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  • Proposal criteria
  • Application requirements
  • Past recipients
  • Additional resources
    • Support the Academy’s strategic framework.

    • Related to dermatology and global health care, and help underserved regions of the world.

    • Sustainable, community-based, and rely on additional sources of funding. All funding sources must be detailed in your application.

    • Demonstrate how the project would be monitored and evaluated.

    • Submitted online (no emails).

    • Non-AAD members: application must include a letter of support from an AAD member.

    • Residents: application must include a letter of support from your institution’s faculty director to ensure sustainability after residency.

    • Identify principal investigator/project director(s).

    • Collect detailed project information, including sources of additional funding, demonstration of project sustainability, and clear outcomes.

    • Create a budget that includes a description of the work and anticipated costs. Note: Indirect and previously incurred costs are not covered.

    • Obtain letter of recommendation from an AAD member or local university dermatology staff.

      • If you are not an AAD member, your application must include a letter of support from an AAD member.

      • If you are a resident, your application must include a letter of support from your institution’s faculty director to ensure sustainability after residency.

    Please note: These grants are not for basic research or solely for travel. If travel is requested, explain why support of locals is not possible without travel funding. If supplies are included, they must be durable/lasting supplies.

    In addition, Academy members and non-members are eligible to apply for grants. Multi-year projects can be funded for up to three years.

    Project Principle Investigator
    North India Dermatology Outreach
    Karolyn Wanat, MD
    North India Dermatology Outreach North India Dermatology Outreach 
    The Impact of Albinism on Quality of Life in a Cohort of Patients in Malawi  Aisha Sethi, MD 
    Healthy Skin Intervention for the Southern Caribbean  Audrey Jacobson, MD 
    Teledermatology and Community Dermatology Mexico  Roberto Estrada Castanon 
    International outreach to support teledermatology and dermatology education services in Tanzania  Nkanyezi Ferguson, MD 
    Treatment and Wound care for Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN) in Kenya  Esther Freeman, MD
    Expanding store and forward teledermatology in Tajikistan  Ali Lotfizadeh, MD 
    Skincare education for people with albinism in Tanzania  Christine Lancing, MD 
    Kilisun - Kilimanjaro Sunscreen Production Unit (KSPU)  Mafalda Soto 
    Short Course in Pediatric Dermatology in Ethiopia  Benjamin Stoff, MD 
    Sunscreen Production for Patients living with Albinism in Botswana  Victoria Williams, MD 
    Development of dermatopathology training and establishment
    of immunoflouroscience lab
    Thuy Phung
    Reducing lymphedema in Kaposis Sarcoma Toby Maurer, MD
    Development of sustainable telederm
    collaboration between health frontiers
    Casey Carlos, MD
    Diagnosis and treatment of chromoblastomycosis
    Aaron Santmyire
    Sunscreen production unit Mafalda Soto Valdes
    Global health dermatology surgery training program Vishal Patel, MD

    This grant is sponsored by a generous donation from Neutrogena.

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